DCSS project panel at Surveillance & Society Conference

Members of the project team are currently at the 7th Surveillance & Society conference in Barcelona and will hold a panel to present the project results on Saturday 23 April.

The panel will include presentations on each of the four research streams and discuss findings by each research group:

Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society: State-Media-Citizen Relations After the Snowden Leaks
SSN2016 Conference, Saturday 23 April, 9am, room 404

The Normalisation of Surveillance in Media Coverage: Newspaper and Blog Discourses After Snowden
Karin Wahl-Jorgensen

The Advent of Surveillance Realism: Public Opinion and Activist Responses to the Snowden Leaks
Lina Dencik

The Snowden Disclosures, Technical Standards and the Making of Surveillance Infrastructures
Grace Eden

Enabling Digital Citizenship? The Reshaping of Surveillance Policy After Snowden
Arne Hintz

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