Surveillance and Citizenship

Cardiff University, 18-19 June 2015

The conference brought together international scholars, representatives of Conference Posterdigital rights organisations, technological developers, and surveillance experts to discuss the state of surveillance and the implications of the Snowden revelations. Two years after the leaks began, we reviewed their media representation, policy developments, impacts on activism and civil society, and technological responses. The conference includes strategy sessions on policy reform and a usability and security hackathon.

Speakers included Ben Wizner (ACLU, Snowden’s lawyer), Mark Andrejevic (Ponoma College), Kirstie Ball (Open University), Gus Hosein (Privacy International), Annie Machon (former MI5 whistleblower), Tony Bunyan (Statewatch), James Ball (The Guardian), Andrew Clement (University of Toronto), Ian Brown (Oxford University), Seda Guerses (New York University), Karin Wahl-Jorgensen (Cardiff University), Gavin MacFadyen (Centre for Investigative Journalism), Anne Roth (German Parliamentary Inquiry on Mass Surveillance).

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More about the ‘Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society‘ project

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