Web Resources

Below you will find a list of web resources and archives which have been created since the Snowden leak. Each individual page for the resource contains a short description and link to to the original website. This list is by no means comprehensive.

Title: ACLU NSA Archive
Publisher: ACLU

Title: Bugged Planet
Publisher: buggedplanet.info

Title: Equation: The Death Star of Malware Galaxy
Publisher: Kaspersky Lab

Title: EU Committee of Ministers Recommendation on a Guide to Human Rights for Internet Users
Publisher: Council of Europe

Title: FVEYdocs
Publisher: FVEYdocs.org

Title: Government Releases Once-Secret Report on Post-9/11 Surveillance
Publisher: New York Times

Title: IC off the Record
Publisher: IC off the Record

Title: Library Freedom Project
Publisher: Library Freedom Project

Title: The NSA Files
Publisher: The Guardian

Title: NSA Organisation Chart
Publisher: David Somerville

Title: NSA Primary Resources
Publisher: Electronic Frontier Foundation

Title: The Darknet and Online Anonymity
Publisher: Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

Title: The Snowden Digital Surveillance Archive
Publisher: Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

Title: Top Level Communications
Publisher: Top Level Communications

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