Research questions

a. What is the current policy and regulatory framework of digital surveillance in and by the UK as highlighted by the Snowden leaks?
b. What revisions are being developed and proposed on relevant policy frameworks and legislation, in particular with regards to internet freedoms and privacy protection, and how are these interacting with the UK government’s broader internet governance policy agenda?

Research methods

The project team has 1) developed an inventory of current laws and regulations on privacy, data protection, data sharing amongst public and private sector entities across borders, and the oversight of security agencies; and 2) conducted interviews with different policy stakeholders on the adequacy and revision of existing relevant policy frameworks.

Lead investigators

Prof Ian Brown (Oxford University)
Dr Arne Hintz (Cardiff University

Research results

Journal article – Enabling Digital Citizenship? The Reshaping of Surveillance Policy After Snowden. International Journal of Communication
Journal article – The politics of surveillance policy: UK regulatory dynamics after Snowden. Internet Policy Review
Blog post – Expanding state power in times of ‘surveillance realism’: how the UK got a ‘world-leading’ surveillance law. Open Democracy

Database Entries

Actors – The institutions and people involved in the influencing and enactment of surveillance related policies
Laws/Rules – The various rulings and Acts of Parliament which govern surveillance
Powers – The powers granted by legislation

Timeline of actors, laws/rulings and powers


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