Conference Registration


GCHQ Cheltenham


Please register online for this conference here.

There is are two tiers of payment one for waged, and the other for concessions for those who are unwaged/students.



Waged – £53.65 (£50 conference fee, £3.65 Eventbrite booking fee)

Unwaged/student – £32.45 (£30 conference fee, £2.45 Eventbrite booking fee)


Any questions please contact Jonathan Cable at DCSSproject[at]

If you would like to send these submissions using PGP either download our public key, or search the following keyservers for ‘DCSS Project’ – herehere, and here.

Fingerprint: 595B E4F8 E348 D73D 4AC0 9C9C A506 C637 E022 C580


Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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